Important Digital Identity Trends Middle East That Can Shape Businesses in 2020

Digital Identity has successfully established as the prominent and momentous technology trends in the world. An increasing number of citizens and stakeholders are already using it and consider it a day to day reality. Therefore, an insurgency in the way people communicate with the public institution is in progress and the private sector is quickly getting hold on Digital Identity Trends Middle East.    

Below in this post, you will come across with some key Digital Identity trends of 2020 which are going to shape the landscape in the coming year and beyond. 

Mobile Communication Still Dominates 

Digital Identity would become more mobile in 2020. It is undeniable fact that we have entered into the world where mobile connectivity dominates us. But it is worth mentioning that the trend shows no sign of deteriorating soon and the insinuations of Digital Identity are thoughtful. According to experts, 75% of interest use in 2020 would be in mobile and they would become the major means of browsing interest. This report suggests all the Digital Identity stakeholders to prepare for the mobile first solutions in coming year. 

AI, Machine Learning and Chatbots

The uses of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence would become the key for recognizing and preventing the online fraudulent activities. Cybercriminals make use of these technologies so as to make online invades sophisticated. For instance, the malicious chatbots would be used for performing the cybercrimes. The new Digital Identity UAE trends would be toward the higher collaboration amongst all the performers of financial ecosystem so as to make verification of Digital Identity stronger with machine learning and AI. 

The End of Password is Coming Closer 

About 82% of data was leaked in the year 2019 and this is because of unsecured and stolen access of information. Today, users also rely less on all the single factor authentication systems. All the behavioural and biometric identification systems will be the features and they are expected to be in great demand in coming year of 2020. 

Three-Stage Dynamics Will Impel Pilots and Roll-Outs

The Digital Identity Evolution would continue to move ahead even in 2020 and the citizens would be the basic driver of these shift. Millennial is now creating majority of employees and growing the proportion of total citizens. They are focusing on reshaping the culture and this generation of tech savvy people are proving themselves right. Now the older generation is also joining and accepting this type of technology which is breaking their isolation and making them to stay tuned with the world and preserving the social and family bonds. 

The year 2020 would be the year of proof of concept for the block chain in all the public sectors. From proof to concept to pilot, everything would be secure and interoperable solution with some new Digital Identity trends. It would be the year for digital driver license, virtual and cloud passport and digital credentials on mobile. Nations would move quickly than it is expected and people would reach the pinnacle over next 12-24 months and many national Digital Identities approaching the critical mass. 

Compliance of GDPR is Necessary

In 2020, the GDPR market would flourish by 75% as expected and all vendors in privacy, data security, security risk analysis market would be satisfied with this increase in Digital Identity Trends Middle East

These changes in the market would offer the organizations with the tools which they require to meet the compliance of the multiple industries. 

So, these were some of the latest trends in Digital Identity UAE which you would be seeing in the coming year of 2020. Many new trends are evolving and you will come to know about this accordingly.