A to Z asset
lifecycle management

Delivering real time digital valuations for large asset pools such as vehicle fleets, buildings in a development, or IT assets in a large company.


Asset value is difficult to determine, and needs laborious cross-checking. When it comes to cars, a crash brings down value, and will require a garage’s damage estimate to be reconciled against the car’s worth.

Other variables such a mileage and condition play a role, requiring inspection from third parties. For real estate assets, local factors such as maintenance, location and rental returns all play a role. The bottom line is that it is difficult to get an instant real-time valuation of an asset that can be used in an open market.

n-blocks creates a new digital measurement of asset value that can underpin market transactions. For instance, n-blocks clients can use the digital value of a fleet of cars for a down payment on new office space – without involving lawyers, accountants or restructuring gurus.

Benefits of using n-blocks for asset life cycle management 


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